Sagesse Team to the Finals

Al-Hikma in classical Arabic, El-Hekmeh in Lebanese dialect stands for "wisdom", thus also the French alternative name of the club, Sagesse (meaning wisdom in French). The historical Hekmeh club was founded in Beirut in 1943 under the patronage of the late father Boulos Kik, supported by his excellency late Mgr. Jean Maroun, with affiliation to the Collège de la Sagesse of the Maronite Catholic Church a leading educational institution in Lebanon and the East since 1875 but despite the affiliation with the Sagesse College the club has its own independent administration. The basketball program was founded in 1992.
Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Supporting Coach Fouad Abouchacra

"I wish I could tell everyone what u r doing to keep this team alive and fighting. Coach Fouad Abouchacra, it is just amazing how u coach the team and always find a way to make things better. I will never forget the words u told me, don't worry god will always be with us because we r working honestly from our heart to give the best for our club, team, and fans, we will never give up and will always fight. U always believed that we can beat any team with 2 foreigners. Yesterday ur message was delivered." #SagesseClub
Monday, 17 April 2017

Proud Partner of Sgbl and Mastercard

Sagesse became one of the most successful basketball clubs in Lebanon and the MENA region with 8 Lebanese Basketball League Championships, 7 Lebanese Basketball Cups, 2 Arab Club Championships, and 3 FIBA Asia Champions Cup titles.. Hekmeh made history as well by being the first Lebanese club to win the Arab Club Championship and the first Lebanese and first Arab club to win the FIBA Asia Champions Cup. Also, Sagesse is the only Arab and only Asian club to ever participate in the basketball club world championship, the McDonald's Championship organized by FIBA and the NBA, it was at the 1999 edition when Sagesse went as the Asian champions. The 1999 McDonald's Championship was the first and only time FIBA Asia was represented in the tournament.
Friday, 14 April 2017